How do I cancel a product or service?

If you would like to cancel a product or service, please follow these simple steps to submit your request:

Step 1. Log in to the client portal at

Step 2. From the "Services" menu, select "My Services".

Select "My Services"

Step 3. Click on "Active" for the product or service that you wish to cancel.

Click on "Active"

Step 4. Under the "Actions" panel on the left side of the screen, select "Request Cancellation".

Click "Request Cancellation"

Step 5. Please enter an explanation letting us know why you would like to cancel your product or service. Then, select a Cancellation Type. Choose either "End of Billing Period" or "Immediate". If you choose "Immediate", all files and data associated with that product or service will be deleted immediately. When you are ready, click on "Request Cancellation". You will be presented with a confirmation screen.


Note: If you submit a cancellation request in error, please contact us immediately or your account may be terminated.

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